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    monitor ftp


      I have HDLP and NDLP.

      I want to monitor ftp traffict. What must I configure?

      Is there any documentation for doing this?



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          For HDLP there is the Network Communication Protection Rule (NCPR) - create a new NCPR for outgoing connections on ports 20 and 21 with a suitable IP range for the Inernet (can be as basic as -> for example). For the rest of the parameters refer to the Product Guide under section "Create and define a network communication protection rule"


          Chris Norris

          McAfee DLP TierIII

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            Ok, it works right, thanks.


            To configure it with NDLP, I think it should be through an ICAP server (I have a mwg). I haven't found any documentation to set prevent server, to work with the ICAP server.


            Can you help me?