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    The macfee kill my CPU



      I am using mcafee antivirus+firewall 2012 now. I found my CPU's usage rate always up to 100% since last month. It usually happen in the time of playing PC game, watching web video and watching video from harddisk. I used mcafee to scanned whole system for twice and virus were cleaned. But the situation still happen. I used Windows resource monitor to check program resource. And I found the mcafee used the most CPU's resource in those time. I also found some similar situations form internet. So I think the mcafee have some problems. Are there any suggestions to help my CPU?


      Here are some configuration of my computer:

      CPU:Intel Core i3 M380


      Graphics:AMD Mobile HD 5650

      System:Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

      Video player:Windows media player 12

      Internet bowser:Maxthon 3


      Sorry for my broke english!

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          Peter M

          Make sure that all parts of Windows are totally up to date, including Internet Explorer (& its add-ons) even though you use Maxthon.


          Ensure that any applications that the games' websites recommend are given full permission in the firewall have been allowed under Web and Email Protection > Firewall > Internet Connections for Programs.


          Try using a different browser to see if it helps.


          If that all doesn't help then I recommend you immediately open a case with Technical Support.  It's free of charge and available by phone or online chat.


          They are linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          I notice in your profile you mention Security Scan Plus.


          If that is listed in your programmes I suggest you uninstall it as it is an unnecessary addition.





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