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    eepc 7 wont get active!

      A pc keeps on as "inactive" system state!

      Im preparing the deployment of eepc 7 (epo 4.6) etc. - I have a working eepc 6.1.3 (under ePO 4.5) working well. I had double checked: the policies, created policy assignment rule, reinstalled the client EEAgent/EEPC (in order), I had also tried in splitting the deployment task in two parts one for EEAgent and another one for EEPC, users assigned/re-assigned  etc. all seems well afaik - but the PC is still "Inactive".

      from the epe log I saw: "Encryption Provider {6477FB57-DCF1-418E-9948-9F32C57B0FA4} is in FAILURE state. Intialization aborted." Anybody knows what is it and if it is the cause?

      any other checks you would suggest that I do to bring this machine "active".


      MA is 4.6

      EEPC 7.0.0

      ePO 4.6

      In other words (the latest versions of all parts). Im attachnig a copy of the epe log



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          Is there a hidden HP_Tools partition on the system?

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            Do you have Opal disks?


            Not familiar with v7 yet, but error looks like its related to that:


            2013-03-09 14:16:06,879 ERROR   MfeEpeOpalEncryptionProviderPlugin   ..\..\..\Src\EpeGenInitHandler.cpp: EPE_gen_init_handler::handle: 279: [0xEE00000B] EPEOPAL_system_pbfs interface (on non-Opal systems this is expected and is NOT an error condition)

            2013-03-09 14:16:06,879 ERROR   MfeEpeOpalEncryptionProviderPlugin   Initialization failed.

            2013-03-09 14:16:06,880 ERROR   MfeEpeCoreEncryptionPlugin           Encryption Provider {6477FB57-DCF1-418E-9948-9F32C57B0FA4} is in FAILURE state. Intialization aborted.



            2013-03-09 14:17:49,038 WARNING OpalProvider                         Disk configuration is unsupported for Opal. All disks must be Opal disks in order to activate with the Opal provider.

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              Hi ,  no hidden partitions nor incompatible sw are on the pc side (actually its only an win7 os installed on). the pc side seems to be ok I think. so do the policies - i have "pc software provider" set (along with opal encryption provider) to which eepc should opt to (in case a non-opal disk is dedected - like in this case). something must went wrong with the epo i doubt - I plan to do a fresh installation from scratch fro evrything and redo the tests to see. Thanks for all.