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    The most frustrated I've ever been with McAfee

      Good Morning,


      I bought a new computer this week because I am a college student and my old one was crapping out on me during online assignments.


      I'm having issues with my network staying connected however.


      I googled using the phrase "acer computer will not stay connected to wifi" and more than one link/answer said that my network must be "trusted" by McAfee if i was using it.


      Ok --so I click on McAfee and my network and it says that I am not connected to a pc/network


      All HELP tells me is I CAN add a network but does not tell me HOW to add a pc to my  network so I CAN trust it .....


      Help .... please ......

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          Peter M

          This issue regarding WiFi connections crops up with regularity and we have no quick fix on these forums other than look in your Firewall > Internet Connections for Programs and make sure all your browsers have full permission.


          You are best served by going straight to Technical Support. It's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Home Network in SecurityCenter merely reflects what Windows Network Center is seeing, so they tell us.









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            thank you -- I turned the firewall off for 20 minutes to test it.  Since my wifi shuts off every 1-4 minutes I should know quickly if this is the culprit.  Then I'll attempt to figure out how to allow the firewall by adjusting my settings.



            I have always loved this protection but I feel their instructions/help is not well written.

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              Peter M

              I wont disagree with you on that point.  Well good luck.  I think Tech Support is your best bet and ask for escalation if at first they can't seem to help.