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    Cannot install Mcafee All Access On MAC

      I have the same scenario on two Macs.  I purchased All Access when my subscriptions expired mid February.  I get exactly the same error on both Macs.  Neither of them have been anywhere near the enterprise version of the software.  They are personal computers.  I used the unistall app to uninstall the old version of Internet Security before installing All Access.


      I am having aweful experiences with the support team.  They are unable to convert the time to my time zone and keep calling when I am unavailable or nowhere near the computer and then it takes days to organise another call which is also made at the wrong time.    Today I had to show the person how to use the terminal app on my mac and was unable to convince her that the file she was looking for in finder wasn't there because it was not there at at the OS level - even when I showed her she insisted on keeping looking in finder.  She then wanted to sudo something and I was abolutely not confident enough to allow her root access to my system.  Yet another call is booked...


      Not a happy customer.

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          Peter M

          I moved this to the home products section from Enterprise as it's about a different product.


          If no experts come along call Technical Support or use their online chat, it's free and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            I'm sorry but I put this as a reply to that thread because I am getting the exact same error message 'An Enterprise version of the product is already installed on your Mac. You cannot install McAfee  Internet Security upon the Enterprise version.'.  You moved the start of this thread from home to business and now have broken it in the middle - I don't understand.


            I've already tried support many many times so I hope someone can help!


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              Peter M

              But you are using All Access which is a consumer product.   Maybe post a separate new thread asking how to remove the application in Enterprise but don't mention the consumer product as it muddles things up, as you can see.   Do you know what this "Enterprise version" is?  If so I'll point out the best place, probably that same section.

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                Peter M

                Sorry about the confusion.  That other thread was a toss up whether it should be moved or not and in retrospect I shouldn't have moved it but asked them to post separately in Enterprise for removal guidelines.


                This mysterious MAC Enterprise product must have been installed by an institution as it involves bulk licensing.  Does that give you a clue as to who/where it came from?

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                  The original post was also about All Access with the same error message on a mac.  Exactly the same scenario I have, which was why I posted it there . 


                  I have absolutely no idea what the enterprise software it is that the error message is referring to.  As I mentioned in my post I have never had any enterprise version installed.  I have only had one version of McAfee software installed previously and that was internet security for mac that I installed 12 Months ago.


                  These macs have never been near an institution so coule not have had software installed by one.   The iMac in particular has never left my home office.


                  Thanks for your help


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                    Peter M

                    Then, if you are positive no Enterprise product was ever installed, & assuming there are no McAfee entries in your program list to remove, Technical Support (Useful Links at the top of this page) should be able to help you.  (Sorry I have no idea about MAC's).    That other thread was about Internet Security for MAC which isn't quite the same as All Access, which can be installed on Windows, Mac and tablets/mobile products using Android etc.

                    As I stated in my last post, I should never have moved that thread to Enterprise in the first place.   I also cannot merge threads, this board host doesn't allow that..


                    I'm sorry but I was merely trying to ensure you get the best attention by making sure things were in the right spot.


                    McAfee has a section in Consumer for MAC's but at the moment it's hidden because that department can't promise forum support...so you see we Moderators sometimes have rather awkward decisions to make.


                    If Support balk at the mention of Enterprise state you think that's an error and ask for immediate escalation.


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                      Thank you for all your help.  I am new to the forum and trying to understand what I did wrong as well.


                      I'm already been escalated and have at one point talked to a supervisor of the escalation support team. 


                      I'll give it one more try.


                      Thanks again

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                        Peter M

                        You didn't do anything wrong at all.  It's my mistake if it's anyones, not helped by the way McAfee has set up these forums.


                        I'll send a message to one of my McAfee contacts and see if they can rustle up someone who knows about this stuff.


                        That way we'll have 2 avenues of support....hopefully.

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