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    Query Question


      Hi, another question.  I have this in a query:


      where="(where(and(doesNotHaveTag EPOLeafNode.AppliedTags 17)(doesNotHaveTag EPOLeafNode.AppliedTags 18)(hasTag EPOLeafNode.AppliedTags 162)))"


      It works fine returning machines with the Tag ID of 162 and NOT either tag of 17 or 18.  I would also like to change the where statement to include machines with tag 162 or 163. I cant seem to get the syntax correct. So (exclude machines with tags 17 or 18) and (have tag 162 or 163)



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          Try this...





                  (doesNotHaveTag EPOLeafNode.AppliedTags 17)

                  (doesNotHaveTag EPOLeafNode.AppliedTags 18)


                      (hasTag EPOLeafNode.AppliedTags 162)

                      (hasTag EPOLeafNode.AppliedTags 163)





          Except no white space etc.