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    How to stop "mytoolsapp.info" virus?

      The virus re-directs the webpage im looking at and sends it to its own website. does this every few minutes or so. Looked it up and it supposedly affects the computer in other ways such as slowing it down, although my pc's awful anyway so so far i havent noticed much of a change in that respect.


      Ive tried looking at my process but ive got a lot of process's that i dont know about so it would be hard tell if there was a new virus programme running.


      I've run a McAfee full scan and it didnt pick up anything-so pretty useless.


      So does anyone have an idea of what i could do to get rid of this, as getting round the internet is a pit of pain atm. Thanks


      on 06/03/13 14:47:56 CST
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          Peter M

          See the last link in my signature beow and start at the top.


          First try to invoke System Restore to go back to before it all started.   This can be done in Safe Mode if necessary.


          Then try Stinger and Malwarebytes Free as linkied in that shortcut.

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            Hi, thanks very much. I used the GetSusp programme and i think ive identified the virus folder in C:\Program Files. I had a silly attempt at deleting and it told me access denied. What programme would you suggest i use now that i've found the virus, as most of them seem to be just for searching for the virus.


            Thanks again.

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              Peter M

              It would probably be deletable in Safe Mode.  However if it's a program isn't the uninstaller listed in Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program (Add or Remove in XP)?  Also if you set Getsusp accordingly McAfee Labs will notify you of any results.


              I already recommended System Restore plus 2 tools, but if you want to also follow the Hijackthis instructions in that link, then you'll get recommendations from an independent antimalware forum too.


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                Hi again I did manage to delete it in add/remove programmes but the virus was still working. So I used the malwarebytes program and it seems to have worked! Or at least if the virus is still here it's being very quiet! Thanks for the help.

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                  Peter M

                  Posting a Hijackthis log on one of the forums I mention in the last link in my signature will help put your mind to rest.