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    FS-1000 appliance replaced by FS-3100




      We have purchased a new FS-3100 appliance, with Windows 2008 R2, MS-SQL 2005, and MVM 7.5.


      We are currently running an FS-1000, with Windows Server 2003, MS-SQL 2005, and MVM 7.0


      Currently, the 1000 is in a very isolated environment in one country, and the 3100 is currently in a somewhat less isolated environment in another (we will be shipping the new unit shortly). There is NO backup unit (tape, etc)  on either system (don't ask ).


      What do I need to do to bring the 3100 as much up to date as possible so that it can be "forklifted" into place to replace the 1000? If necessary, we can rack the 3100 alongside the 1000, on the same network, for a quicker transfer.


      Thanks in advance!


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