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    Delete a node from the cluster.


      I´ve got 8 appliances in the cluster and now I want to take one of them out from the cluster.
      I´ve deleted it from the central management console but if I check the status in the director (mfend -lb -s) I still can see the removed node as a scanner. Also it is still getting requests.
      How should I proceed to leave it alone out of the cluster?
      Thanks in advance

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          Hi Maitane,


          unfortunately this is a common misconception. Central management and the mfend loadbalancing (Proxy-HA, trans router and trans bridge) have nothing to do with each other.

          Deleting a machine from the central management cluster has no impact on mfend.

          If you wish to simply have a machine not be part of the mfend load balancing, try this:

          - add the machine back into CM so you can control it from one UI. if you don't want it in CM, you can login to the seperated box directly

          - change the proxy mode from whatever you have right now to "Proxy (optional WCCP)", the first option in the list

          - reboot just to be save.




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            Hi Sven,

            Thanks in advance for your reply.
            Understood, deleting it from the cluster only implicates not being able to manage it from central management.
            Change the proxy mode is the only way? We´re working on transparent router mode.
            Is there no previous step to get that appliance stop getting requests?
            We´re not confident, we´ve got all 8 appliances in a production enviroment and so we´re quite worried about the impact it could cause.
            Is there no problem to proceed?


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              Hi Maitane,


              I am confused. You want the machine to not get any traffic anymore, correct? In that case switch the proxy to not be a transparent router anymore and you are good to go. nothing to worry about.

              It will simply NOT make that box respond as a scanning node anymore.