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    .pst files and .ost files corrupted /deleted


      we are rolling out another brand of antivirus and we installed macfee virusscan enterprise 8.8 few days after that the--- .ost files and .pst files were corrupted some were deleted, i need to know maybe is there anyone who have encountered this kind of a problem before because am not sure whether is it macfee virusscan causing the problem or its something else that i have to look into it. am using microsoft outlook 2010 and exchange 2010 

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          Moved from Community Interface help to VSE for better attention.   Someone will hopefully answer you soon.

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            It isn't Virus Scan. And here's the way to be sure. If you have several very large PST files (like 2GB PST per year for the last 6+ years) connected to Outlook then shouldn't that take an incredibly long time to scan when you start up Outlook and "touch" those files? You would think that would have to be true. But as someone who routinely has 10-15GB of OST/PST files connected Outlook starts just as fast or slow as it always does. (note: This test is true for SQL).


            The reality is that VSE is quite smart about what it does and does not scan. I suppose it is theoretically possible that VSE caused the issue but I'd gamble against that as the cause almost every time.


            The most likely cause of an OST corruption is an improper shutdown of Outlook. The fix is pretty easy for an OST, delete and let Oulook download the messages again.

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