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    ePO 4.6 P5 Strange Goings On In The Console!


      I have a handful of ePO servers which I guess I'm ultimately responsible for and majority are identical (different stages of production, i.e sandpit, test, production etc) and on one ePO server we're seeing the following:


      Same issue for any admin user, can log in to the console OK, dashboard loads, no issues. Drill down in System Tree and open various containers, no clients shown, go back up to the top level, change filter to 'This group and all subgroups' no clients shown, click the Assigned policies tab, loads OK, click the Systems tab and clients are then visible either globally at the top or when drilling down, go off and do a few other bits within the console come back and all clients have gone from the view again until you change tabs again!


      Any ideas? I can't think of anything obvious, it's as if the console doesn't refresh and even though you navigate through the System Tree it intermittently won't show clients until you tab out and back again.


      Only one server exhibits this, it's baseline is identical to the others as is the SQL server baseline etc.


      Very odd!!