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    MSME8.0/Exch 2010 w/SP3 and VSAPI settings


      Question for anyone using MSME 8.0 (with hotfix for ESP3) and Exchange 2010 SP3.


      Our old set up was Exchange 2007 and GSE 7.0.something with patch 1 rollup 1,2 etc... Separate role boxes, CAS server, Hub Transport Server and Mailbox servers.

      We had VSAPI turned on on the Mailbox servers.

      New environment being built and tested.... W2008, 4.6 agent/VS8.8/MSME8.0 with hotfix for Exchange 2010 with SP3.

      Now, we have "multiple role" boxes. Hub and Mailbox on the same box.

      Do you still need to have VSAPI turned on?


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