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    Is VirusScan-Enterprise 8.8.0 P2 repost package still available?




      on the McAfee-Website I can not find the "VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 P2 Repost Package" (VSE880LMLRP2.ZIP).
      I can find only the "Patch 3 Repost Package" (VSE880LMLRP3.ZIP) which comes with patch2 and patch3.


      Does someone know if the VSE880LMLRP2.ZIP is available?


      I do not need patch3 for Windows 8 and when i check in the patch3-package into the ePO-Server the software repository shows only the virusscan-version with patch3 (only für Windows 8 and Server 2012). I can not see that patch2 is checked in.
      It would be nice to see the virusscan version in the ePO that i installed on the machines.



      Thank you very much!




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