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    EEPC 7.0 User Options For To Bypassing PBA?


      Is there some way to set a policy to allow automatic bypass of PBA if the computer is connected to a specific network?

      For instance we need desktop computers to autoboot when they are locally connected our LAN, however, if the desktops where stolen and powered on either offline or connected to some other network, PBA should pop up.

      We already have this feature on the full disk encryption software we currently use and don't want to lose it.  During bootup, it pings selected IPs and if there is no response it shuts down and goes to PBA when it is restarted, but if succesfully pings the devices, it allows the user to log into Windows without needing PBA.  Very convenient for desktop PCs that should always be on the network 24/7.

      We also need users who are working from home to be able to reboot their workstations using their Remote Desktop connection if they need to reboot due to a software installation or a Windows issue.  If there is a PBA prompt during the system reboot, they will not be able to get back into the system remotely.

      Is there any way bult into EEPC for remote users to handle this?