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    Problem with content scanner


      Hi all,


      I have created a content scanner phrase like "ortak alım". The rule is set to check All email category. the problem is that, the rule is not triggered when the phrase is in the body of the mail. When I put the phrase in subject, the rule is triggered.


      Any ideas on this?


      Kind regards,



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          Do you mean on the File Format Tab of the "word or phrase"  rule you have created??

          If you deselect all (using clear selection) and put tick in the "everything" box - simply as a test - does it work in the mail body then??


          What is exact version of product you are using??

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            Yes,  I have just put a tick in "everything" box, it doesn't work. Product version is 7.0.716.103 SP1.


            Thank you.

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              first you really need to update gse before testing anything further.  the latest patch level for gse 7.01 is patch1 rollup2.  However, i would suggest to upgrade to at least msme 7.6patch1 rollup1 if this is exchange 2003 or msme 8 if this is exchange 2007.  right now you are on the base supported version of gse 7.01 and there are alot of product fixes (over 50) that went into the post sp1 patch and several vulnerability fixes that have been addressed in the rollup that really need to be installed.


              as for the phrase not triggering in the body i would look at how the rule is setup.  try adding a wildcard (*) to the beginning and/or end of the rule and see if that fixes the problem. 

                   ex:  "*ortak alım"  or  "*ortak alım*"

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                Hi Aidan and tlange,


                I have same issue with MSME 7.6, I did according to the previous suggestions, but no luck.


                I added simple phrase and complex phrase with * as well. I used  Sender email is not = *@abcd.com


                and sender is add is email =abcd@hhhh.com , it did not work in any case.Every thing is getting through.

                Dashboard>under action =clean


                Q.2 0-10 is low spam score, so all spam with score 10 are getting in, should I change scor or action to block, will it block legid mails as well with 0 score?

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                  remove the complex phrase, it isn't needed.


                  next setup the rule under the master policy and test that it works there before applying to the sub-policy.


                  also how are you sending the email for the test?

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                    For 1 - not sure its exact issue that Onurt has -unless you're stating that no content rule is working in your system?? Have you tested conent scanning for your configured detail is working first of all before testing it as a subpolicy


                    For 2 - defaults in the product are - 5 - allow through, 10 - delete and qtine  15 - delete and qtine.

                    The higher you make the low score the more likelyhood reall spam will get through

                    The lower you set low score the more chance you're gonna catch genuine mail as spam.

                    Set low to 4 or 5 

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                      Thank you Aidan, I testd just by sending some emails and they were not blocked.SO could you lem me know how to check if content scaning is working ?

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                        Hi all,


                        Thank you all for all your valuable inputs. Now I have tested tlange's suggestion with a wildcard like "*ortak alım". Now it is working with an interesting issue. It does not seem to work on a specific client running Outlook 2010. When he sends mail to an outside domain or he receives a mail from outside domain the rule is triggered, but whenever he sends the test mail to an iinternal mail address the rule is not triggered.


                        Any ideas?





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                          what version of exchange are you running?

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