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    Rogue Sensor Policy Question


      In the policy catalog, for Rogue system detection 4.5 general policy, I have my server name under the general tab and it is enabled.


      In my environment I have about 25 separate subnets and each have a sensor or two deployed and I'm covered, none are showing as uncovered.


      My question deals with the interfaces tab, do I need to list each of my subnets there? What is the difference between populating or not populating the interfaces tab with my subnets?


      Thanks in advance...

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          Interfaces deals with the actual NIC configuration. For example if you have two NICs one with a 192 address and another with some other address you can tell RSD to use only one of the interfaces.


          If you have network comms requirements, or if you have the sensor on a dhcp or something is when it really comes in handy.