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    winlogon.exe with high CPU because of mcshield.exe, also high CPU

      Core 2 Duo

      Windows XP SP3

      McAfee Security Centre 11.6.477

      McAfee Virus Scan 15.6.238


      Checked for updates, none available.


      Basically, around every 5 seconds mcshield.exe along with winlogon.exe will spike in CPU, to around 30% and 45% respectively. This obviously makes other running programs slow down immensely and it even makes games simply unplayable at times.

      Two things I've noticed, the latter being a temporary fix, for me at least.

      Firstly, this seems to get worse the longer the computer has been running. It gets extremely bad after being on for about 8 hours.

      Secondly, a somewhat shoddy fix is to disable Real-Time Scanning and enable it again, doing this reduces the intensity of the spikes. (At least until it finally increases over time) Otherwise a computer reboot is needed.


      This is definitely a problem with Real-Time Scanning, definitely a problem with mcshield.exe.


      Anyone actually got a proper fix, maybe McAfee? Because this is getting stupid.