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    About Renewal Process

    Sukhadev Koli

      Hi all


      I am little confused in renewal process, just for ur info i have below setup presently


      McAfee ENDP Protection Suite with 50 Users


      I just want to know what this 50 users indicates i mean is this number of computers on which we can install VirusScan Enterpise client and connect to Server (ePO) in order to receive updates...?


      If so then presently i have 55 clients on which i have installed VirusScan Ent. and all 55 machines receives updates from server without any error.


      If i pay Rupees. 800/- (INR) per user then the cost is around 40,000 rupees (INR) for 50 users. but if i exceed to 55 users then also updates are working fine then there is no restriction on server like only 50 clients can be communicated with server and so...


      And if this is the situation then why do i buy 50 or 55 users license, i will simply buy 1 license of 800/- (INR)


      If anybody understands my problem please do reply fast coz my license is going to expire by this month end. and i need to renew it...


      thanks & regards