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    License expiration Date - where to find in ePo?

      Dear Community,


      i want to know the expiration Date of our actual License.

      I remember end of March, but i cant find it in any Tab of ePo or in the Service Portal.

      Where do i find the expiration Date?


      Thx for help




      ePo 4.6.2 - Agent 4.6 - VSE 8.8


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          For all products that you are manageing with ePO, can be seen under Manue>Software > License(Product count)

          And  For over all ePO and any other product expiration  it is the grant letter that details the license expiration. And the license key might stay the same through every grant renewals.

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            Thanks for your answer, but i want to know at wich Date my Suscription from Total Protection ends. :-)

            I cant find any Information in ePo or at the McAfee Portal where i can log in with Grant Number to Download Products


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              Look, once your Grant number will be expirded, that would mean you can not download or use that product any more, I would like to add a ststement from Mcafee from: (It is about your question) 29th Jan, 2013


              Vice President and Chief Technology Officer




              Licensing :


              The licenses are monitored, but we do not (at the moment) enforce count - we trust our customers to pay for what they use promptly, and accurately.


              When you "Renew" you are not re-buying the software - you are buying the right for content, upgrades and technical support.


              BUT, if you install more copies of EEPC than you paid for, there's no other way of saying it other than you are pirating software. In the USA that means up to 5 years in prison and $250,000 fine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_infringement_of_software

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                I think we missunderstood both.


                My Question is not about License Count.

                3 Years ago we buy Total Protection for 3 Years. Now i wanna exactly know when the Support, License expires.

                It must be possible to see an expiration Date or not? To react fast enough to buy Support for another 1 or 3 Years!?!?


                It can't be the Solution to wait till i cannot download any Products and using this as indicator for Grant Nr Expiration!


                I hope u understood my Question better now =)


                In this Post the Member can exactly seen when his Software expires:



                This! is what i am searching for!

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                  okay, got it.  i am afraid for this you must call mcafee Renewal team or their helpline to get renew your license, usually McAfee send an email Three monthes before expiration. Maybe you didnt receive that.Now as your grant number is no more active, its mean you dont have legal right to use McAfee product, I would suggest you to call their renewl team OR the Resellor from whome did you purchase it last time. What ever the case you should contact fro Renewal asap.