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    Agent 4.6 to ePO Server 4.6 non-Secure and Secure communication


      Hi Guys,


      Kindly need your input on the following queries and correction of understanding please.


      For non-Secure Port communication


      1. I read that SPiPe protocol is being used on MA 4.5 for port 80 channel. Is this also the case for MA 4.6?

      2. Agent-to-server via port 80 channel is unencrypted and the packages are signed by ePO server to ensure package authenticity?

      3. I believe that there is also the checking of the package hash to verify its integrity. May I know at which phase does it conduct this hash check?


      For Secure Port communication


      4. Agent-to-server communicate over SSL and the encryption mechanism used is:

           a) Cipher Type : 3DES

           b) Cipher Keysize/strength: 256-bit



      Hope to hear from all soon.


      Thanks a lot!