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    Disable Protection

      Hi Gang:


      I work for a division of Quest Diagnostics, which is a national clinical testing lab, and we setup doctors' offices with the ability to access our web site in order to order patients blood tests as well as retrieve test results. There is a configuration application we run that configures the browser settings as well as installs Adobe Reader and a couple app's that gives them full functionality. Lately McAfee prevents this from running. Is there a way to temporarily disable it or is there a better way to work around it? It seems it sees the unzip.exe as a Trojan or virus.


      We have proprietary printer drives too that prints a watermark at the top of every page and McAfee is preventing those from installing as well. This is a compliance issue which is why we can't use the drivers from the Company's web site.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          Peter M

          Have the relevent programs full permissions in the Firewall?  Technical Support might be able to figure a way of getting these to work without going the dangerous route of disabling protection.

          See Useful Links at the top of this page.


          I can tell you how to disable VirusScan and Personal Firewall in the consumer version  but not for the Enterprise.  You would have to ask about those in the appropriate Business section.


          Open SecurityCenter

          Click Virus and Spyware Protection

          Click Real-Time Scanning

          Turn it off there and tell it for how long you want it to stay that way. 

          Warning: after a reboot it may be re-enabled.


          Back on Home Page:

          Click Web and Email Protection

          Click Firewall

          Turn it off there and tell it for how lon.

          Warning: after a reboot it may be re-enabled.

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            Instead of disabling the McAfee completely try the below steps and check the issue. But adding the affected application into the McAfee Internet connections & programs would be the first choice to check the issue


            Open McAfee Console

            Go to Real Time Scanning settings

            Open Settings drawer

            Deselect Spyware and other potentially unwanted programs

            Check the issue