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    License not deactived due to BSOD

      I have AT&T U300 and McAfee comes with that service free. So I went ahead and installed it but I had no idea the licenses were only linked to their serial numbers.


      After installing Virtu MVP 2.0 Software (2nd Gen) I proceeded to update the NVIDIA graphics drivers. I immediately got a BSOD bluescreen. At the time I had no idea what had caused it so all I could do was reinstall Windows 8, it would not allow me to boot afterward. Unfortunately this means I never got to de-activate my previous license and that is the issue now.


      I had reinstalled Windows 8 many times, and twice I thought it was alright so installed McAfee again using the license keys provided online. But I still didn't know of the need to de-activate online until later as it wasn't made clear (ie. no interface option with SecurityCenter to de-activate online).


      Now I'm stuck with 2 previous activations on the same machine which McAfee shows as seperate machines because they don't go by the Product Key in Windows (but the serial number of the installation). Is there anyway to resync or reset these licenses so I can have my PC active without loosing 2 licenses for NO REASON, all are on the same PC!


      Later after reading the release notes for VirtuaMVP I found out one of their warnings was:


      Known issues and restrictions in this driver version

      The following are known issues with current driver release:


      *Updating/Downgrading GPU vendor driver may produce a BSOD on Windows boot


      Which is exactly what happened to me twice with McAfee Security Center installed and I had no recourse but to reinstall Windows 8 before de-activating McAfee SecurityCenter online.


      You should offer some way of backing the licenses up or something seriously.


      I am less than thrilled there seems to be no option to simply deauthorize all previous licenses, Apple iTunes has an option once a year to reset all our authorizations why can't McAfee?


      So AT&T shows 3 activations total, 2 of which are from the times I got BSOD errors and could no longer boot into Windows 8.


      on 3/2/13 4:56:17 AM CST
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          Peter M

          Your license issue online at McAfee Accounts can be sorted out easily by a phone call or online chat with Customer Service department.  Listed under Useful Links at the top of this page.  (If you can't deactivate it yourself at the account page).

          You don't need to backup licenses as they will always be available at the online account, unless you've had to reinstall McAfee without going through the normal uninstallation procedure first - it's that operation which makes sure the license count is decremented at the account website.

          Regarding the BSOD, not too sure but could be a software clash.  Technical Support can help you there, it's free to phone or use their online chat and also linked under Useful Links.

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            Didn't accomplish anything. McAfee told me they don't handle this and to contact AT&T. So I did I chatted and called them, to which I'm told there is a special dept to call at 800-937-2237 which can handle it for me. Turns out to be a Gold service of some kind, not sure what I would've been charged idk. McAfee then said to call AT&T as they don't handle those accounts.


            I am not sure who to believe but NOD32 looks better all the time =\

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              Peter M

              If you get your software from A T& T then I guess they control the accounting side of it.   Sorry I can't suggest what else you can do.