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    Issue with False Positive Submission - Artemis!FBACDA67D595 & Artemis!95951D40A2F0



      I'm trying to submit two (2) samples which I believe are false positives for "Artemis!FBACDA67D595" and "Artemis!95951D40A2F0".  Ironically these are some files related to WinZip (which the McAfee product I'm running won't let me install on an off-line machines) and I am using Windows 7 on this computer, which appears to have removed the password feature on compressed files.  Unfortunately I don't have the local rights to install the other tool that is downloadable for submissions on the machine I have which is connected to the internet - I'm in a multi-network Gov environment.  How else can I submit these files so presumably the false positive will get corrected and pushed out in an update?


      Thanks for any help offered.





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