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    Enable "Scan Computer for threats"


      How can I enable the option "Scan Computer for threats" in ePO agent 4.6 (patch 2 or 3)?

      It's grayed out on half or my managed systems and available on the other half, see attachtment :

      All systems are using the same Policies and GPO's and are using VSE 8.8 (patch 2/3)

      McAfee agent threats.PNG


      I've asked this question in 2011 and still haven't found a solution to this problem...

      See my original post: https://community.mcafee.com/thread/41099


      A previous suggestion was: "You would need to set the User Interface Policies in your VSE to "Show the system tray icon with all menu options" instead of minimal menu options."

      This is not the solution as my policies are already set to this setting.