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    Block Ultrasurf.




      Does anybody knows how to block the ultrasurf application with Firewall enterprise ??

      We are working with MFE 8.3 patch 2.



      Thanks in advance.

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          You could set up SSL decryption/re-encryption for outbound traffic.  That would block it I believe because UltraSurf uses specific certficates and won't accept the firewall's-CA-signed cert in place of certs signed by its trusted CA.


          Other than that all you can do is block the range of IPs that UltraSurf uses.  Google search for 'block ultrasurf' to find out those IPs and block them for port 443.

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            Not working. Please give me a proper solution...

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              Tanzir, the AppPrism update 3.195 has a signature for UltraSurf:

                        New Application Ultrasurf (0x50020000) with category: proxy-anonymizers tunnels.

              Maybe it could help you.



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                Choscar08, I also have the same problem. we are working MFE 8.3.1

                I try create rule to block ultrasurf application. But not working.


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