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    Mcafee stop traffic of Skype


      I add Skype application (i choose this option from the big list offerd by the firewall) to the only rule by default that bring McAfee firewall (internal to external), but it do not work Skype application.

      a use minimal proxy as application defense group, maybe this the reason.


      any guiadence will be good. i am getting familiar with this configuration.


      any ideas?

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          You can try this:

          • Remove the Skype application from your rule.
          • Create a custom application on TCP port 443.
          • Create a new rule and put it below your Internet Services rule (whichever rule you have that passes HTTP and SSL/TLS).
          • Use this TCP/443 application in this rule and make the source and dest. endpoints and NAT match the rule above it.


          Skype traffic does not match our SSL/TLS signature.  When Skype 443 traffic hits the SSL/TLS rule it will not match and will go on to the next rule.  The next rule will pass traffic on TCP/443 and this will match the Skype traffic and should pass it.

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            Your answer has made me curious, sliedl.


            So, are you saying in order to allow Skype traffic you don't actually include the Skype application in the rule?


            If that is so, can you explain why?