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    Need to block application(say vlc.exe or winamp.exe) in HIPS 8.0


      guys i found this kb https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB71794  and tried


      by creating

      1. new ips rule based on mcafee default policy.

      2. severity level as high

      3. created a new subrule with TWO option 1. program-> Run target executable-> target executable(added file name description and fingerprint ) 2. hook->hook DLL->executables(added file name description and fingerprint )

      4. in IPS protection ive created severity HIGH - prevent then other things are log

      5. then i've assigned this things to my system group but still it dosen't block the application.


      please help me guys AM I MISSING SOME THING. if any ome create a video in YOU TUBE OR ANY OTHER SOCIAL LINK it will be useful for so many peoples.

      or if some one solve my things i'll do a video and post in youtube to help blocking application in HIPS 8.0


      please find the attachments below.