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    Win8 Action Center indicates that Virus, Spyware & Firewall protection are disabled


      One month ago I upgrade my notebook Dell to Windows 8, without facing any problem at all. A few days ago I noticed that windows action center was indicating that Virus Protection, Spyware Protection & Firewall Protection were disabled. However, McAfee Internet Security was indicating that there was not a problem and everything worked properly. I ran Virtual Technician several times, but the problem still exists.

      A friend advised me to choose, through MS action center, windows defender protection, so not to be anprotected. The resuslt was to enable windows Defender for Virus & Spyware protection. But there is nothing I can do to enable Firewall Protection (either Defender or McAfee). Now, it is not possible to enable again the McAfee Virus & Spyware Protection, through action center, while still unable to enable firewall protection.

      Does anyone know the solution to the problem ?

      When I ran the Virtual technician, reported as a problem that DAT is not up to date. Since then, reports the same problem, without fixing it. What I have to do for this ?

      Many Thanks George

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