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    Credential scan of network devices


      Our management has just inquired whether running credential scans on network devices would be beneficial.  I said it might not be because there's probably not a whole lot of checks for those that require credentials.  Is there any documentation or a way to determine how many/which checks for Cisco devices require credentials?  Also, many of the checks state they're for a specific router/switch and wouldn't apply to us.  If there's any info such as the model of the device affected, that would be beneficial as well. 

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          Hi t.


          This KB tells you what OS Flavor / version  the MVM SSH Module can authenticate to.




          Your other question is a little more complex.  


          If you go to scans / new scan.  Choose the Shell Advanced Scan Template

          Then go to the Settings Tab,  Vuln Selection

          Shell Vulnerabilities

          Then look at  Vuln Selections for the following 2 categories, it should give you an idea about how many Cisco checks we have that require credentials (Both the following categories require credentials):

          Cisco IOS Patches and Hotfixes


          SSH Miscellaneous


          I hope that helps!