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    Possible undetected malware


      I noticed a strange file, whose filepath was C:\extensions.sqlite on my XP SP3. I noticed the file when I had to check my Programs Files folder and the file's creation date was Feb. 3 2013 and it had a filesize of 0B. Out of my 4 machines (1x XP, 2x Vistas, 1x Win 7) my XP and one of my Vista machine are the ones that I use actively online to do things like check yahoo email, gmail, online shopping site called Play-Asia, and Paypal. I only use Firefox with NoScript and all of my machines have McAfee Internet Security installed.


      When I checked my other machines, my Vista and XP were the only ones that had the file in that location. My other 2 machines that aren't used online as actively but I do update its program like Java, Flash Player, Adobe Reader, and Firefox didn't have this file.


      I did a quick google search of "C:\extensions.sqlite" all of the results were related to malware. In addition, all of the results said something like "files created: C:\extensions.sqlite" for the malware.  However, I did a full scan with McAfee and Malwarebytes Free 2 days ago and it found nothing. I deleted the file using SHIFT+Del and restarted my computer a couple of times with it disconnected from the Internet, but the file didn't recreate itself


      So is this file a possible malware as it is mentioned on google? Or is it some kind of legitimate Windows related file?

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