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    masking certain fields on Reports



      Is it possible to mask some certain fields on reports such as Credit Cards and etc..I want some certain fields values not to be shown as-is .











      on 23/02/13 10:16:24 EST AM
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          I don't think that this is possible in the current version of the report editor but I'm just curious.....


          If you don't want the information to be shown on the report, why wouldn't you just remove the field entirely and not have it show up at all?

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            A requirement for a customer.. The data must be masked( certain things)

            I think other Siem products have that

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              In 9.0 and beyond, we allow for obfuscation of IP Addresses when forwarding events between ESM's.  This is a requirement for some customers in order to meet privacy laws.  We also have plans in a near release to allow for obfuscation of other fields.  This will be available within a single ESM's views and reports as well as forwarded to a SOC ESM. 


              As for specific values like credit card numbers, we do have rules in our ADM and DEM products that mask this information within the siem so the user cannot see these values.  If you have a specific scenario (data source that is providing this information to the siem) that you would like to have me look into, please feel free to email me at kara_cole@mcafee.com