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    EEMac - Where is MfeEeAgent ?


      This certificate business is an unwelcomed issue in a very busy time.


      Whats more frustrating is that so far no one can tell me where the new version of MfeEeAgent is. If I understand it correctly, and tell me if I am wrong, there are  5 pieces that need to be installed to encrypt a Mac, at least there was in They are:


      1- EPO Agent

      2- The Endpoint Encryption Agent from MfeEeAgent.tar

      3- The Endpoint Encryption Product from MfeEeMac.tar

      4- Hotfix HF787882

      5- Hotfix HF796548


      I believe I have the versions of each of these that will fix the certificate error, but where is MfeEeAgent ? Is it gone ? No longer needed ? The tech tells me its part of MfeEeMac.tar but it is not.