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    IPv6 functionality


      Does anyone know how IPv6 discovery scanning works in MVM 7.5?  Does it scan each address like it does for IPv4 addresses or does it use neighbor discovery in any capacity?  I'm just wondering because scanning anything more than a 16-bit range would take quite a while to complete. 

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          Hi tpowell,


          MVM does not use data in NDP while performing ipV6 discovery. 


          You're right though, and the User Interface should give you a warning if you specify a large IP Range?  I haven't checked myself, but the warning is to discourage folks from using it :-)  


          When the range is large the time estimate is roughly # of IP's X 0.12816 seconds.  The User Interface will allow you specify (after warning you) up to 2^32 (4,294,967,296) addresses in one range... that could take up to 17 1/2 years!!  Your MVM license might expire first?