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    Citrix Provisioning Services, Exclusions


      Hi all


      Wondering if theres any other exclusions needed for Citrix Provisioning Services than mentioned here



      Citrix Provisioning Services  installed on a W2008 R2


      Searched the kc.mcafee.com and other sources but above link was all i found

      If anybody out there are aware of any other exclusions needed please let me know


      Thanks in advance

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          please keep this sentence in mind "Following is a list of symptoms consistent with an Antivirus client that must be tuned". If there is no need due to a none existenst performance impact don't exclude these processes except you are experiencing severe problems since VSE has been installed.

          "Pro active" tuning in this manner is like opening security holes for malware and people who know for what and where they have to look for. Please keep this in mind.


          Back to your question: Nope, for me I don´t know ANY needed exclusion. Regardless what every Developer want me to do regarding exclusions (Microsoft, McAfee, Oracle...endless list...) I only exclude processes when the need for it is verified and the security is not in danger. At least take care of a full scan on these machines when they are not in common use.

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            No as I see it theres no real list of exclusions for Citrix Provisioning Services

            And as you did mention run a scan and monitor it, then lets see if theres a need