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    Server 2012 not applying poilices or tasks


      Hi All.


      Im hoping someone has seen this before and can me out.


      I have a Windows 2012 server that is not applying any ePO policies or tasks. Its the first 2012 server I have so I cant compare it to another to see if the problem is local to this one server.


      The server was built with MA 4.6 P1 and VSE 8.8 P2. At this stage the 2012 server would not even report back to ePO which was then running 4.6 P3. I needed to upgrade and thought this was a good time so I upgraded ePO to 4.6 P5, MA to 4.6 P3 and VSE to 8.8 P3. All installed fine and now the 2012 server reports back to ePO and im able to see the servers properties within ePO. The problem is that the 2012 is not applying the policies or tasks I have to VSE or MA. We lock down the UI with a password and have made several chnages to VSE excluding files and none have these been applied, nor have the update or scan tasks.


      Any ideas anyone?