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    Have problems to join EWS via NTLM "web user authentication"


      Hello this is the current setup of my appliance.


      Version Email and Web Security Appliance (3100) v5.6


      Dell CR100 (high spec)

      Appliance Serial Number 97Z67F1

      Build Number 2009.109 WS_8_6_20110910_1900_109


      Patches Installed 5.6p4-2201.111, 5.6p1-2009.109, 5.6p3-2143.111


      I have directory server configured and running currently the appliance is in use to fileter email from my exchange server.


      The problem is that i now whant to use the web filtering proxy to replace my isa server.

      The proxy seems to work ok but i need to hook it to active directory.

      I followed this tutorial from mcaffe:

      https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB71960&cat=CORP_WEB_SECUR ITY_APPLIANCE_SOFTWARE_5_1&actp=LIST

      This is the same but on video:



      Now the problem is when i got to the final step.

      And i enter my domain admin user and password i got this error.


      Status: Join Domain Failed.


      This error is one of the most generic and less helpfull i see in my life.

      I tried all kind of combinations and always get it.

      Also looked at the system logs (afetr configuring them to log everything) and see nothing related there.


      Im using my primary domain controler in the configuration,


      Someone have this problem before or know how to get more details from this error so i can track the problem ?

      I atached screenshots of my configuration.






























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