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    Update issue

      Hello Folks,


      Can some one help me address this issue:


      I have done a full scan of PC and manually updated McAfee Anti Virus Plus. But still the McAfee icon shows "computer is at risk" and "McAfee cannot update your software. please check your internet connection.


      But my internet connection is just working fine.


      Any help on this would be much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance



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          Which Operating System and McAfee version are you using? Meanwhile, try running McAfee Virtual Technician from http://mvt.mcafee.com/ and check if it finds any issues.

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            Thanks a lot chumde7.


            Am trying virtual technician.


            Much appreciate your help and adivse

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              Tried McAfee Virtual Technician. The program was run and it reported detection of four problems and reported that these problems have been resolved.


              The McAfee icon showed no issues for a while and then it is back again "Your computer is at risk. Cannot update. Please check internet connection"


              Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Have already ordered for Kaspersky. Used it for years with no problems at all.


              McAfee presumes that all its customers are engineers and understand their techie gobbledegook.


              Can anybody offer me more help till I receive the Kaspersky anti virus????????????

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                i am having an update issue as well. was told mcafee could not find my account info so i needed to uninstall and reinstall product did that and same problem. totol run around over 3 hours on this issue already. my product says it is updated but my computer says it is not. when i run the fix it it tells me my super dat file is bad. i follow steps to download that and run it tells me it is upto date.

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                  oh boy next inline!

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                    im in!

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                      and the same guy i was talking with before and told me to uninstall and reinstall ended the session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  what a pussy....  i mean cant anyone do thier job. the world is ending. no one care about anyone. that that should. it is his job to fix things not hide in a corner and end chats before they begin.

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                        Thanks for sharing  Cyril.


                        For two days have been fretting with this issue now. Every one Mcafee Anti Virus tells me cannot update. I update it manually and it works for few minutes and it is back to same mess.


                        I think that the Mcafee guys have a stock answer because the virtual technician also put the blame on me saying date file is bad and cannot read language and some techno babble like that...........


                        I uninstalled and re installed the anti virus plus.............but its now back to same again.


                        Like I said, these Mcafee folks think they are hot shot engineers and their customers too are so. What they fail to understand despite their high flaunting engineering skills is that in marketing products or for that matter in any business the mastery is keeping it simple.................. but reckon that is asking just too much....even though I made the mistake of paying money to receive their gobbledegook.


                        Welcome Kaspersky ( in few days).................GOODBYE MCAFEE..............( good luck with all your bombastic engineering skills)


                        Cheers Cyril

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                          I too had an issue with updating Mcafee. I uninstalled, ran MCPR, used virtual tech to fix two problems, ran the pre-install tool, and tried to re-install multiple times to no avail. After turning on verbosity logging and contacting support, I was told my case had to moved to Tier2. I have to say, the Tier1 support tech was pleasant to deal with and somewhat helpful.


                          I implement industrial software for a living and keep my home network computers optimized. Before attempting to update McAfee, I ran several tests and found no issues with the problem PC, including chkdsk.


                          Last night when the tier2 tech called, the first thing he did was run chkdsk and got errors. He informed me that I should contact Microsoft to correct the issues. He would not accept the fact that the errors were caused by the repeated attempts to update\install McAfee. He would not even entertain the thought of looking at the logs or troubleshooting the issue. In my line of work, I would be let go if I blamed the OS and didn't try to fix the issue.


                          Needless to say, after almost an hour of trying to convince the "tech" to troubleshoot, I asked for a refund. I have been staunch supporter and customer of McAfee for over ten years. It is with great regret that I have to say goodbye because of the lack of effort and skill of a supposed teir2 tech.


                          A few words of advice to McAfee; Stop using agile software design,if it works leave it alone. Hire techs that want to fix problems and not push the blame on to the OS.


                          I second Cyril's statement........................GOODBYE MCAFEE!

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