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    Can't Find McAfee on My Mac

      I am supposed to have coverage until October, but all of a sudden, I've lost my McAfee Antivirus program. I can't find it in the finder, even by searching the entire computer. I'm having some problems with several of my programs (Safari not closing, odd hanging of some programs) and thought I'd run a scan, but I all of a sudden realize that I can't see my McAfee icon any more. I also have Sophos on my computer. Could it have removed McAfee?  If so, how do I get it back?


      Thanks for any and all suggestions. It's not good to be paying for a program (McAfee) which I apparently don't have any longer.

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          Peter M

          Sophos, being a competing antivirus probably has something to do with it.  You should uninstall both Sophos and any McAfee listed in your program list and then go to your online McAfee account and reinstall McAfee


          However, as none of us use MAC's best to speak with Technical Support, it's free and available via the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.