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    DLP Monitor isn't saving the WCF service path - error:failed connecting to 'localhost'


      When launching the DLP Monitor I get the following error: "Failed connecting to 'http://localhost:<port>/DLPWCF/MonitorWCFService'."  After the path is corrected to the dns name the logs will populate but once the browser is closed and reopened the path has to be corrected again. 


      I found 2 local file in my 'c:\program files (x86)\McAfee\DLP\Management Tools' folder that have the pointer to 'localhost' (Monitor.dll.config and ManagementConsole.dll.config), but evidently the necessary change can't be saved into that file (it always gives an 'in use' error). 


      I have uninstalled the Management Tools program from add/remove programs in Windows, cleared browser cache and let the program reinstall upon launch into the DLP Monitor tool... but after correcting the path again, the change still doesn't save (if IE is closed and reopened).


      Has anyone had any luck in correcting this issue? Or does anyone have any suggestions?





      OS=Windows 7