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    ePO 4.5 and 4.6 interoperability

      I'm currently operating ePO 4.5.4 with 2x4.5.4 Agent Handlers to manage DMZ agents.


      I'm hoping to move onto ePO 4.6.X this year and my preliminary plan was to build a fresh ePO server (as we could do to update the OS too), import all of our policies and then register the new server in the existing ePO to allow me to start slowly migrating agents.


      I've done this procedure before with two 4.5.4 servers but until I get this setup in a lab, I'm not sure whether I can carry out the same procedure between different versions of ePO.


      If anybody has tried this before and can report on success/gotchas I would appreciate it, as it may save me some time in testing.


      If I can't "upgrade" in this way, I will simply have to try a traditional upgrade on the existing ePO server. In this scenario, would a 4.6.X ePO coexist with 4.5.4 Agent Handlers during the transition?



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          Yes, it is far easy and good practice, export your all policies, build new ePo , register with older one and migrate your agenst and import yur policies in new ePo .ePo 5.0 will be launched soon, so what if you wait a littel, I have seen many new features and vey easy navigation in this build, and there is also CPE tool that will tell you, your compatible products from previous version to 5.0, And I think this tool will also migrate your policies as well.

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            Thanks Alex, much appreciated.


            I'm still in two minds whether I should hold off for ePO 5 or not. My initial plan was to upgrade my current 4.5 ePO and my McAfee reseller had advised me that there was no upgrade path from 4.5 to 5.0 and that I'd need to go to 4.6 anyway. My new plan of building up a new ePO and migrating policies makes that somewhat of a moot point though.


            Even if I do the upgrade to 4.6 now, then aim to put in ePO 5.0 towards the end of the year (gives it a teething period that way!) I'm not really losing much.


            Food for thought.

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              One thing more, ePO 5.0 will only support 64 bit machine.(32 bit servers are excluded)Mean more scalbility for large networks. I guess your plan is to move your policies and agents to new ePO,

              So  concidreation for ePO 5.0

              1.You will run CPC "Compatibility Product Check tool.This wll give you clear idea what you can use with 5.0 version

              And this will help you make your mind to come on 5.0 version or 4.6.

              2.As far as policies and system migration is concerend, that is possible for sure. Later on I will attach some screenshots of V5.0  dashboard, so you could see easy navigation.


              3.ePolicy Orchestrator software supports upgrades from ePolicy Orchestrator versions 4.5.6 and 4.6.4 and later.

              4.You can take snapshot of your DB and then during installation wizard will give you an option"Restore DB from snapshot"..





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                Thank You Alex, I will be installing the new ePO on Server 2008 R2 (so 64bit) regardless of whether we decide to run 4.6 or wait for 5.0.


                I'll look into the CPC, is it policies which are potentially not compatible or installed products? We currently run VSE8.8, Data Loss Protection 9.0 and Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.1.1 so providing they are all compatible with both 4.6 and with 5.0 I don't think compatibility should have to influence decisions.