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    On Network Drives


      Quick question, our IT security team was going thru mcafee settings and wants to turn on the On-Access scanning for network drives on the server side.  From what I can read, that won't do any good for the server because they don't access network drives.  So my question is, would this cause any issues with turning on?  Could this cause resource issues if the server is a busy server?

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          Please review this article.





          The default CPU usage limit for McAfee On-Access scans is 30 percent. However, when McAfee scans a network drive the antivirus is forced to use a third-party driver that does not respect the 30 percent limitation.Therefore, if you permit McAfee to scan the network drives, McAfee will use all available CPU time to scan as much of the network as the computer has access to.

          McAfee on the network servers already scans the network drives in real time. The network drives derive no additional benefit from being scanned by workstations.







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