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    McAfee VirusScan 8.8 Patch 3 Super fast?


      Well, I just installed McAfee VSE 8.8 (Patch 3) on my workstation, and I could not believe the FULL scanning performance.

      I have a 280GB Hardrive with 3GB of RAM in it.


      It took the scanner to scan all my system files in just 5 to 8minutes.

      When I was running VSE 8.7i (Patch 4), it took around 22 minutes for a full entire scan.

      I was impressed.


      However, I do not have alot of programs installed on my workstation, so I guess that has alot to do with that too.


      My full scan settings are:






      So is it true that v8.8 has much much faster scanning perfomances than v8.7?


      It scanned 126085 items in 5 minutes.  System Utilization is set to LOW.


      Here are some attached files of my scanning settings. There must be something wrong here. Its impossible to scan 126085 items in 5 minutes.


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          Depends....do you have the scan cache enabled?


          Within the VirusScan Console: Tools -> General Options -> Global Scan Settings tab


          Basically VSE 8.8 remebers what files have been scanned previously and only scans new and changed files. I think the cache is cleared after every reboot.

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            Please look at my print screen. I think it is enabled.

            If this is the cause of my scans lasting for 5 minutes, then I am much relieved now.

            I just thought it was the scanning engine that was acting "wacky"






            According to my scan logs, my first full scanning session was 26 minutes right after installing VSE 8.8.



            This is a nice feature added, saves a lot of time.



            But my real questions are below:







            So, is it SAFE to leave those Global Cache Settings enabled?


            All I want to know, that would it be SAFE to leave those settings enabled since I know what the issue was now?




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