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    Mcafee icon disappears from system tray when second user logs in??


      I am running Windows XP professional with IE 8. Mcafee internet security version 15-06-238.


      The Mcafee icon works fine when first booting the system.

      However whenever a second user logs in, the icon disappears from the tray with second user and

      cannot be activated or checked if virus scan is running.

      -Contacted McAfee help yesterday and was (as usual advised to delete and download new version of McAfee., which I

      did and problem persists.

      -called again McAfee help and was escalated to Level2 ? support, but was told to circomvent the problem by

      rebooting every time you log in another user.


      This is most inconvenient as the terminal is shared by me and my lady and it means closing all active windows

      before rebooting.

      Any solution?

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