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    McAfee not working!

      So I started getting a pop up saying Your Computer is at Risk. When I click on McAfee my real time scanning says: Starting but never seems to start. I looked it up on the forum and did everything one of the Mods said to do, now the pop up still comes up, real time scanning is still stuck on Starting and now when I try and manuanlly do full scans McAfee completely Freezes, not letting me exit or do anything. I am running windos 7 home on a Lenovo Thinkpad E530. I have never experienced this issue before and am very confused any help would be appriciated Thanks!

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          also this is McAfee Total Protection doing this.....

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            Nehal Jojo Jacob

            After installing McAfee , Have you performed any system restore ? I mean before getting this Real time scanning issue ?

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              I did about 6 months ago

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                Nehal Jojo Jacob

                Ok. Do you suspect any infection in your computer ?


                If not then perform below step's :


                step 1 :


                McAfee Real time scanning can be occur for many reason's. Main thing we need to check is the windows update. Please update your windows ( Should install all the major updates and from option should select ' updates for your OS '. For eg. if you are using windows 7 ; should select update for windows 7 ).


                Restart your computer - Peform of a manual update in McAfee ( check for updates ).


                step 2:


                Run McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT).

                McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) is an automated self-healing tool that can diagnose and fix many problems related to Internet Security Suite.


                Go to http://mvt.mcafee.com and follow the prompts to install and run MVT.  If MVT discovers any problems, allow it to repair those problems and attempt to enable Real-Time Scanning again.


                step 3 :


                Check for third-party security software ( Other security software may cause a conflict with Internet Security Suite ). If you have any third party then delete it.


                Let us know the outcome.


                If the above step's doesn't help , then we will go with further trouble shooting.


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                  I do and am about to return to factory settings, when I try and update it goes to the % screen and stays at 0% when I do the MVT it says no issues were found

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                    Nehal Jojo Jacob



                    McAfee also provides the following free tools to help you remove malware from your computer:


                    • McAfee Labs Threat Library (http://www.mcafee.com/us/mcafee-labs/gti-welcome.html)
                      More than 180,000 threats exist today. The McAfee Labs Threat Library  has detailed information on viruses, trojans, hoaxes, vulnerabilities and Potentially Unwanted Programs, where they come from, how they infect your system, and how to mitigate or remediate them.
                    • McAfee Labs Tools (http://www.mcafee.com/us/downloads/free-tools/index.aspx)
                      This collection of utilities is offered by McAfee Labs to accomplish unique tasks that are not commonly encountered during typical use of our anti-virus products.


                    But i really suggest you this :


                    If you would be more comfortable letting an expert do the job, McAfee offers premium virus removal service through chat and by phone, for a nominal fee. With the McAfee Virus Removal Service, our security experts will root out the infection, giving your computer a clean bill of health and restoring your peace of mind. Our virus experts know where malware hides. Using McAfee remote technology, the Virus Removal specialist can take control of your computer and perform the cleaning while you watch. For more information, see our Specialized Services homepage at http://service.mcafee.com/SpecializedServiceHome.aspx?lc=1033&sg=VR#.

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                      I have varified that my computer is not infected I returned my laptop to factory settings just to see if it would resolve the issue and it did not The Real Time Scanning will not turn on, when I attempt to update it sticks on 0% when I attempt to scan manuanlly Total Protection freezes completely....

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                        ss (2013-02-24 at 01.49.41).png

                        I keep on getting this problem also. Results: No Problems found

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                          Nehal Jojo Jacob



                          what about your windows update. Please update your windows ( All major and optional updates for OS ). Reset internet explorer . Please check for any third party antivirus folder's ; if you found then please delete it manually. Please delete all the temp and cookies from internet option's . Restart the computer and then try to update McAfee.


                          Let me know the outcome.

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