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    Full Scan 4 Days So Far



      I purchased and installed McAfee on Wed. Feb 13 and started a full scan at that time. I have an iMac with an internal 1 tb drive and have two external drives hooked up. One is 500 GB (with about 400gb of data) and the other is a 4 tb drive (with about 1 tb of data). The scan has been running for about 96 hours now (Sunday Feb 17). In the scanning process box it shows files are still being scanned on the 4tb drive and scan status is 30 million items scanned and counting (with 16 threats detected). Of course, the progress bar itself doesn't actually show progress so I have no idea how much time is left.


      1. Should it take this long? And if so, how much longer should I expect it to take?


      2. If I stop it now, will I get to see the threats and quarantine them, etc. and take care of the problems?


      3. Is this a one-time long process that will take a lot less time next time?


      Answers to these questions and any advice would be greatly appreciated.





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          That seems excessive, but the other mods might have a better idea of how long a sizeable scan should take. From the Apple iMac specifications I see that the 1Tb drive is standard, so there must be other users out there who could offer timing comparisons. Possibly the processor speed is relevant - the range in the iMac goes from 2.7GHz to 3.2GHz, which I would have thought was plenty fast enough (it's a quad-core Intel Core i5, to save time looking up the specs).


          Tomorrows conference call has been cancelled (yet more holidays in Canada and the States) otherwise this would have been raised for discussion.

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            The average scan time form multiple AVs is around 1 hr 30 min to 2 hours. I would assume Macafee would be around that range.

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              Ensure you have not got use minimal resources selected. Also external drives are far slower unless usb3.0 . My backup to my usb 2.0 is slower than to the internal drive.

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                Thanks for the advice, everyone. I just went into the preferences to see if I could change minimial resources (which I didn't see in there anywhere, so I hit edit), then noticed it wasn't scanning anymore. Not sure if hitting the unlock button made the scan stop or if it stopped on it's own. It reads: Scanning stopped. No response from scanners.


                What does this mean? I have nothing that shows any results. If I have to go through this all again I will just give up and find another software package to use for scanning and hope it's better (I have no idea if it will be, but it will be worth the try instead of wasting 4 days again).


                Can anyone tell me how this works? How is it supposed to work? I thought I read in the help files somewhere that you could stop a scan and see what it had done so far. Not sure if I even stopped it or if it stopped on its own. If me clicking on an unlock button in the prefs actually would stop a 4-day long scan, it should give a warning first. How do I find out what has been scanned so far and see the 16 threats it found?

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                  When you schedule a scan ie setup the schedule 1 option is to untick use minimal resources.


                  Full scans have no option


                  There is an option in real time scanning settings to vary how through the scan is. The default is strike a balance.


                  Which scan where you using?


                  There is a pause and resume option in full scans and you can cancel the scan. Holding the curser over the scanning folder listing shows the full scanning path and file.

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                    Thanks. I did a Full Scan. So at this point, is there any way to find out what threats there were with the last scan and to take care of them or did I waste 4 days of scanning? Isn't there a log of what was scanned, etc.? The only History & Log seems to be updates to the software, not logs of what was scanned.

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                      Nehal Jojo Jacob

                      Dear McAfee customer ,



                      On systems with limited resources, an On-Demand scan seems to run very slowly.



                      Some computers may take longer to scan because an option has been set to use minimal resources. This option allows you to perform other tasks while scanning your computer. Additionally, the first time you scan your computer may take longer as VirusScan could be caching, which allows safe files to be cached in memory, so they won't need to be scanned by subsequent scans. Thus, the subsequent scans will run faster.

                      Turn off the Scan Using Minimal Computer Resources option.            

                      1. Double-click the V-lock icon in your taskbar.
                      2. From SecurityCenter, expand Virus and Spyware Protection.
                      3. Click Scan Your PC.
                      4. On the Scan Your PC page, click Run a custom scan.
                      5. Under Settings, deselect Scan using minimal resources.

                        NOTE: You can also select Scheduled Scan and deselect Scan Using Minimal Computer Resources.

                      When you disable Scan Using Minimal Computer Resources, your scan speed should increase.




                      Nehal Jojo Jacob

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                        First do a quick scan and post the time.

                        Then a scheduled scan first going into navigation and general settings and alerts and General settings and untick the second option of wait till PC idle. Run the scheduled scan for the drives you want ensure minimal resources selected.


                        Re history not as far as I see says what was detected.

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                          How do you do a "quick scan"? And I appear not to have the same settings or something. I have no options to do anything in any of my menu bar items. I have the following tabs in preferences: General, Anti-Malware, Application Protection and Desktop Firewall. If I go into generel, I get: real-time scan, spyware scan, application protection, destop firewall and automatice update (all are on). Under anti-malware I have Realtime Scan, scheduled & manual scans, and Exclusions. None of those have anything about wait until PC idle, minimal computer resources.


                          Where can I go for a manual with clear instrctions on how to use this product?

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