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    Firewall Keeps Turning Off




      I keep getting alerts that my computer is at risk because the firewall is turned off. I go to McAfee Total Protection and turn the firewall on and all is good for a little bit. Inevitably, the firewall will turn off a short time later. I have run MVT but this did not solve the problem. I obviously do not know how to fix this. Please help me solve this problem.

      Also, I have run the McAfee Total Protection scan as well as Malwarebytes and there have not been any problems found.


      on 17/02/13 2:37:57 EST PM
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          This could be caused by remnants of other firewall software present.  Did you have one installed previously?   If so try their removal tool of any.


          Also check to make sure that Windows Firewall Service is started and automatic in services.   That's the service not the actual Windows Firewall.


          Go to Start/Run and type in services.msc and click Enter or in Vista/7 click Start and type services in the search box, it should appear above, click that.

          In Windows 8 click the Windows + R keys simultaneously

          Type in services.msc and click Enter


          Scroll down the list and locate Windows Firewall Service and check it is started and automatic - doluble-click it if it needs changing.


          If that fails then as you've already tried MVT you have two choices, either go straight to Technical Support.  It's free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Or go the long route of uninstalling everything via Control Panel > Programs then run the MCPR cleanup tool which is listed in the FAQ page listed under Useful Links above, reboot and then reinstall from your online account.


          If you have been using registry cleaners, stop as those can also cause this.






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            I have not had any firewall software installed previously. When I go to the services and scroll down it says Windows Firewall and is started and automatic. There is not a listing for Windows Firewall Service.

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              That's fine.  That list is "Services" so that is the actual service.   In that case try the alternatives I mentioned.

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                Come on already I thought I was the only person who had this problem.I can't believe that Moderator's have yet to acknowledge this serious problem but instead keep on giving this quick fix that obvious does not fix the problem. Why no fix yet? Why is McAfee trying to keep this problem hush hush? I did all the recommended steps to try fix this problem, talk to live tech and none of them worked , AND NO I do not have or ever installed another firewall software on this Pc. Now more and more people are complaining about this same problem this needs to be fixed immediately.

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                  We Moderators haven't denied it's a problem either.   We are merely volunteers here and all we can do is steer people in the (hopefully) right direction.  Fixes are provided for problems reported to support by you, the customer.   As only a relatively few people experience this particular annoyance they need to run tests to find out why it's happening to you and not others.    It may seem a lot of people to you but with a customer base in the 100's of millions they need to prioritize.   So have you contacted Technical Support?

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                    Nehal Jojo Jacob

                    Dear McAfee customer,


                    We can fix this McAfee firewall issue in 5 minutes. I wish to give you trouble shooting'd step's here. But , it's could be hard for you to follow. Just visit service.mcafee.com and ask for a Tier 2 tech and they will assist you.



                    Nehal Jojo Jacob

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                      I just finished a live online chat with a technician. I asked for a Tier 2 tech so I assume that is what I got. All he basically did was run a program to make sure McAfee was running properly and there were no viruses. It remains to be seen whether this problem is really fixed because I did those steps plus more in checking out the problem. If I have the problem again I will post on here with a screenshot.

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                        Nehal Jojo Jacob

                        May i have your email address which is associate with McAfee please. Please give me asap.

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                          Please - if you must post email addresses best to do it by private message or at least make the address unclickable if you are posting it, due to spambots patrolling the web.

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