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    Automatic Scan not working


      I have Automatic  updates set and Scheduled Scan set for 0700 on Sundays.


      Today, no automatic updates received as far as I know, and scheduled scan had not started by 14.30, which is most unusual.


      Checked for updates and it seemed to install something but when I check for latest DAT file, nothing is shown in Security Center. Engine build is shown, but no line showing the DAT file.


      These scheduled scan time is moving forward of it’s own accord, by 30 mins, and when the specified time passes, nothing happens, and the ‘scheduled scan time’ moves forward again. After the updates seemed to installl, it said scan was set for 15.28, and now is says 15.50. (I've just checked again, and it's reverted back to 15.28!)


      I am getting a sense of deja vu, as I was caught up in the bad DAT download some months ago, and it took several calls to McAfee to even get them to acknowledge there was a problem, and I really don't want to go theough that again. This is how it started then....but at least I could easily find what DAT I had.


      Anyone else having this problem? I would show a screen shot of Sec Center, but can'r work out how to do it!


      (Windows 7, IE8, byt the way).

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          Peter M

          Your version of VirusScan may be a little old so the problem may still be that scheduled scans are delayed if the software senses hard drive activity.    However as you didn't mention the version I'm only assuming.


          Also, depending on version, updates are truly silent so you probably wouldn't notice them


          Please post what is shown for SecurityCenter and VirusScan in 'About'.


          By the way, McAfee relies on Internet Explorer being installed and it plus all its add-ons being totally up to date regardless of your default browser choice, so please install IE9 a.s.a.p. and then make sure all Windows Updates are current.  (Assuming you have 7 SP1).


          Technical Support are more than willing to help you free of charge by phone or online chat and that's available via Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            Actually, it didn't revert back to 15.28. That's the time showing as the scheduled scan time (but it should be 0700).


            The 'next' scan time is now showing as 16.50.


            And I have done nothing, not checked again for updates or anything.


            I don't run any other security products, by the way.

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              Thank  you Peter for such a quick response.


              Sec Center



              Build 12.1.253


              Language: en-us

              Last update: 14/01/2013


              Anti-Virys and Anti-Spyware


              Version 16.1

              Build 16.1.144

              Last update: 17/02/2013

              Engine version 1438.0

              Engine creation date:16/02/2013

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                Peter M

                That's the same version I have and my scheduled scan is turnbed off, but when I turn it on it reflects next scan at whatever the time is in the settings box.


                Run the MVT to see if it will fix anything.




                if that fails to fix anything then contact Technical Support.

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                  Peter M

                  BTW, you should update IE to v9.

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                    Many thanks Peter.


                    Checked and am running on IE9, thought I was on 8!

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                      Peter M

                      It does get confusing at times doesn't it ?  Especially with IE10 for Win 7 just around the corner.