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    Files being changed

      I have a dell inspiron 6400 with xp prof. media edition.....Recently after a McAfee update I started to get an err msg files required for windows to run properly have been replaced by unreconized versions. To maintain sys stability windows must restore the oringinal ver. of these files....Insert your oringinal windows xp prof cd2 now....The problem is there is a backup of the sys in a partition on the hard drive so I didn't receive any disks when puchase the comp....What I need to know is if McAfee quarantined these files in a place that I can restore them and do you have an exception list so this will not happen again.....I have disabled McAfee untill this is resolve

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          Peter M

          Other than this is your machine running fine?  Are there items in Quarantine?  Open SecurityCenter and click Navigation, then scroll down to Quarantined and Trusted Items and expand those sections.


          Try restoring them if there are any.


          This has been reported before with XP and I thought it had long ago been fixed.


          I suggest uninstalling McAfee via Control Panel

          Then run the MCPR cleanup tool which is in a FAQ linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.  Or here:  http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MCPR.exe

          Reboot and reinstall from your online account.


          If this doesn't fix it then contact Technical Support, it's free by phone or online chat and linked also under Useful Links.


          Unless something is labelled as a PUP (Possibly Unwanted Program) then it can't be trusted and you woiuld have to submit it to the labs for approval as per:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016


          But as this issue has happened before with other users, some time ago, Technical Support may be of help.


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            Peter M

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