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    How do you have your ePO setup?

      I'm curious how other medium to large companies have their ePO setup (at a high level). In our environment we have our client machines, servers, and 2 field offices all on one ePO server. We all log into one domain, so I can easily communicate with devices out in the field. Each field office has their own distributed repository, so they don't have to d/load them from our local office. I did however find that we only have 1 agent handler, so we have about 1,400 machines all going to our local office for ASCII.


      What i'm really interested in doing is setting up Agent handlers to distribute the work load for the field offices (which shouldn't be hard), but the more challanging part is setting up a agent handler for external users. I'm not sure how I can get a Agent handler to communicate with our internal ePO server, and users outside of the network. We have lots of users working from home off the network, so they can't report into ePO currently.


      I'm just wondering what other companies are doing for this similiar situation.