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    DAT Compliance Summary Over Time

      I am looking for a way to measure the VSE DAT compliance over a give period of time. I have often have audit requests that ask for a rolling compliance over a 6 month period. This is different for the average compliance over the last 6 months. They want the ability to be able to show DAT file compliance every week over a 6 month period (for example).


      Does anyone have a query or set of queries and server tasks where I could make this happen? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          I think I may have stumbled onto something with this issue.


          In the Server Tasks in ePO, I have a task named "VSE: Compliance Over the Last 30 Days". This task is dependeont on the results of a query in ePO that shows how many systems are compliant to within X days of the master repository. In my example, the X = 7 days.


          Here is the task:



          The query is attached for review, but this appears to be giving me what I am looking for.

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